Cultivation of Leeches

St.Petersburg Bioplant has an over 25 year-long tradition of cultivating medicinal leeches in a special conditions. Our experience and scientific researches of the last years allowed to create a modern technology based on the natural patterns of the animals’ life and development cycle and a special nourishment regime.

We also breed a particular type of leech for doctors. Its qualities make it distinctive from that of other manufacturers. For example, it has a relatively high level of aggression & therapeutic effects.

The leeches are bred throughout the year, which has made it possible to increase the volume of production. The high quality has made it allowed to breed queen cells and to grow leeches under preliminary contracts.

Another direction of research at the bioplant, which takes place in conjunction with Hiruline laboratories, is the technology of obtaining goal-specific bio-complexes from leeches. Unique developments have allowed to develop a special variety of anti-aging leeches. They were called "The Emperor's leeches". Today they are utilized in cosmetic line "Perfect skin" and in enhancing rejuvenation-oriented programs of doctor Kamenev.

The bioplant studies the reproduction, growth, various aspects of subsistence of the medicinal leech under synthetic conditions. Observation of the animals in their natural environment, estimating the population size, its dynamics, and the effect of natural and anthropogenic factors are all of great interest.

Cultivation of the medicinal leech is a rather complicated process. The safety of our product is guaranteed by our reputation – many years of collaboration with hundreds of doctors, clinics and pharmacies. We possess all the necessary documentation that verifies the quality of our product.

The queen forms the foundation of leech breeding. They are grown in a special manner, and are able to give a large brood. A queen is different from a regular leech – it is larger and lazier. They are also active during the sexual act. This allows to achieve a “pregnancy” and laying of cocoons, thus raising the fertility of the herd.

Laying of cocoons. It’s curious that once the cocoons are laid, the leech does not travel far from them, as if protecting the germs. The reasons for such behavior are still unclear.

Cocoons and newborn leeches. Right after birth leeches are ready to attack and obtain food for themselves. The newborn leech has to eat well in order to grow fast. The best will become the queen herd for the future generation.