International Communittee

The International cooperation of hirudopractitioners (ICHP) was founded in summer 2012 upon an initiative of dr. Kamenev. He regarded that the further development of hirudotherapy, defining of its place in modern medicine and developing standards of leech applying was not possible without the international collaboration of specialists from different countries.

Initially, the collaboration appeared as the Committee. This idea was supported by colleagues fromGermany, Great Britain, Israel, Latvia and Lithuania. Further the Committee was reorganized as the Community. In 2013 the Community was joined by the specialists from Poland and Slovenia, in 2014 - from France.

It is a voluntary union of professionals in order to coordinate the development of scientifically based hirudotherapy in different countries.

The work of the International community is led by theExecutive committee. The Chairman of this committee is dr. Kamenev. Meetings of the Executive committee are held on a regular basis using modern Internet technologies.

The headquarters of the International community of hirudopractitioners (ICHP) is the office of the British Association of hirudotherapy, 4 Brookbank Avenue, London, UK.

1. The aims of ICHP:

I. Organization of scientifically based medical leech applying in hirudotherapy for humans and animals.

II. Development of unified standards in:

a) training and certification of specialists;

b) medical leech application and it's legislative regulation;

c) assessment of quality and safety of medical leeches;

III. Coordination in order to provide the protection of the interests of applying medical leech specialists (hirudopractitioners) in WHO, European, national and international public, state and interstate organizations.

IV. Formation of organizational, juridical and financial structure for International association of specialists applying medical leeches for treatment of humans and animals.

2. The objections of ICHP:

I. Studying of current hirudotherapy practice in EU countries, Israel, Russia, etc. The exchange of experience between practitioners in order to develop unified scientifically based approach to understanding the place and abilities of hirudotherapy in treatment, rehabilitation and health promotion.

II. Organization of certification and education of medical leeches applying specialists.

III. Organization of interaction between specialists involved in clinical research in leech-applying field in different countries.

IV. Organization of interaction between biologists, ecologists and other scientists from different countries involved in research of medical leech itself and its saliva.

V. Organization of interaction between medical leech breeders, exchange of their experience in quality control of medical leeches.

Concerning participation in ICHP, please contact the Executive Committee by sending an e-mail to Oleg Kamenev (

October 2018

The XI meeting of the ICHP Executive Committee was held on the October 11, 2018. New Strstegy of the Community was approved.

The X meeting of the ICHP Executive Committee was held on August 14, 2014. The French group was founded within the Community.

March 2014

The International Expert Committee and the Education Committeewere established within the ICHP

June 2013

At the VII meeting of the ICHP Executive Committee the logo of the Community was approved